Recycle Fire hose Bag

Gentle & Strong
A bag that is truly one of a kind.

We bring decommissioned fire hoses,

which have never been used and no longer serve a purpose,

back to life through our ideas and designs.

Going one step beyond recycling,  our company is engaged in "upcycling," which is taking something old that has been thrown away, and creating value by making something completely new. PATINA JAPAN takes abandoned fire hoses and "upcycles" them into tough, cool bags. We are Japan's first upcycle bag brand. Of the fire hoses installed places like buildings and public facilities, 90 per cent are thrown away in perfectly new condition without having been used once. PATINA JAPAN mainly uses these unused fire hoses to make our products. We clean and dry the hoses before sending them to our factory in Toyoka where skilled craftsmen carefully cut and sew each bag by hand. Our company uses the word "patina" in its name, which is the Latin word for degradation over time. The fire hoses are 10 to 30 years old--and older in some cases. The patterns of the hoses differ as well, depending on the manufacturer and production year. Due to the passage of time, their surfaces change, making each a one of a kind material. These bags are environmentally friendly, tough, and totally unique. 

Production PATINA JAPAN -Recycle Fire hose Bag
President  Tadamasa Kojima
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PATINA JAPAN's recycled fire hose bag is an "up-cycled" product; it is the toughest bag out there and made from fire hoses built to withstand harsh fire fighting conditions. The bag is suitable for both urban and outdoor use. Rest assured, it will last a very long time no matter where you use it . 


A PATINA JAPAN bags is a unique item. There is no other just like it. The surfaces of fire hoses differ depending on manufacturer and production year; and the design and color change based on what part of the hose the material was taken from. No one else will have the exact same product. It is your own truly unique bag.

The Reasoning behind Our Unique Bags

Fire hoses have various manufacturers and production dates. As a result, they differ from each other. 

Furthermore, the fact that they also differ depending how they were used and stored makes them even more unique as a material. 

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